Bankrupting Physics


Modern Physics is in trouble, it has become a mess of free parameters, over inflated theories and untestable nonsense. In Bankrupting Physics theoretical physicist Alex Unzicker and science writer Sheilla Jones argue that physics, just like the banking sector, has become too big to fail. Unzicker expertly guides us through the wonderful worlds of cosmology, […]

Test Tube Brains


New mini brains grown in test tubes open up new research possibilities in neuroscience that could help cure brain diseases such as microencephaly. A team from the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) used human pluripotent stem cells to grow 4mm cerebral organoids, or mini brains, in their laboratory. Using […]

Firework Fun Police


My other half has an affectionate nickname for me; he calls me the Duchess of Doom. I think this might be due to my generally sunny outlook on life. Given my doom loving credentials I thought I would examine the more negative side of fireworks in the scientific literature, which amazingly extends well beyond firework […]

Exercise in Propaganda


At the moment, outside my window the weather looks something like this… This has curiously removed any desire I might have had to go for a run, which is a shame. There was a time in the not so distant past where I would have branded this, “perfect running weather,” and raced out to wallow […]