Autism brain protein ‘plays a critical role’ in drug addiction

Mouse nueron, image credit Neurollero

Scientists have found that a brain protein usually associated with autism is also involved in the development of drug addiction. The researchers say that a better understanding of how the protein works could pave the way for new drug addiction treatments. Last year over 193,000 people in the UK were treated for drug addiction. Research […]

Test Tube Brains


New mini brains grown in test tubes open up new research possibilities in neuroscience that could help cure brain diseases such as microencephaly. A team from the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) used human pluripotent stem cells to grow 4mm cerebral organoids, or mini brains, in their laboratory. Using […]

Harm of e-cigarettes


There is no doubt that smoking is harmful. Tobacco is thought to kill nearly 6 million people every year, but do electronic cigarettes provide the answer to this assault on the nation’s health? As with conventional cigarettes, there is often an information deficit on the chemicals that electronic cigarettes contain and although some just use […]

Exercise in Propaganda


At the moment, outside my window the weather looks something like this… This has curiously removed any desire I might have had to go for a run, which is a shame. There was a time in the not so distant past where I would have branded this, “perfect running weather,” and raced out to wallow […]